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Lammaa Magarsaa2


Ethiopian Prime Minister!
The last chance for EPRDF/ADWUI!
According to people recommendations throughout the country, the people decided that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia will be Obbo. Lemma Megersa. From city to city, from region to region every community members recommended that Lemma Megersa will be Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Unless other ways there will be no change in Ethiopian Democracy. Currently qeerroo's are waiting for approval of this recommendation. We know that Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples love Lemma Megersa for his interest of true Democracy for all Ethiopians. If EPRDF use this chance to build the country it is ok. Unless otherwise qeerroo will continue to contract true Ethiopa. Ruling by military is enough. Ethiopian youngsters need true democracy rather than bullet.

ADWUI'n carraa kanaan Itoophiyaa hambisuuf ni gargaarama jenneet yaadna!


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